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Scrabbleletters writting OUR GOALS.

Our mission & goals

Aiming for a world in which EB is cureable 

EB patients should have access to effective therapies and treatments in the near future. EB-ResNet is building bridges between patient advocacy groups, researchers and industry partners. 

Our Mission: Translating successful research for patient benefit.

Strategic goals

In the current EB-ResNet strategy (2020-2024) three strategic aims are defined:

  1. Support research to develop effective and safe treatments
  2. Develop partnerships to expand research
  3. Drive clinical translation and adoption of treatments internationally

In order to achieve these goals EB-ResNet is concentrating on following activities:

  • Gathering and managing funds for EB research. 
  • Providing funds for promising EB research on different scales (fundamental research to clinical trials) to academic partners, clinicans and/or industry partners.
  • Collecting and providing information about EB research going on worldwide (active and completed).
  • Providing a platform to exchange ideas and knowledge. 
  • Connecting patients with industry to improve clinical trial designs and results.
  • Looking for strategic partners to drive clinical translation. 



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