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Flexible funding needed?

Ad-hoc grants

This channel allows EB-ResNet and its potential grantholders to remain flexible and to respond in a timely manner to opportunities that arise, such as co-funding options, immediate need for funds, novel project ideas, or proof-of-concept projects.

Academic researchers, clinicians and also industry may approach EB-ResNet outside the scheduled research-proposal calls if there is an urgent need or a co-funding opportunity arises. For example, an international or national funding scheme, a company or another patient group may offer funding schemes that also invite co-funding. Proposals more appropriate to scheduled research grant calls or industry co-funding, will be redirected.

Project scope 'Ad-hoc grants'

  • Fundamental to clinical research projects in EB
  • Quick funding to respond to an opportunity arising in fundamental to preclinical research or a proof-of-concept project in EB
  • Lead applicant: researchers, clinicians, and/or industry partners (cooperation with industry welcome and possible)
  • Project duration: up to 12 months
  • Funding: up to EUR 100,000.00 p.a.

Application process

The application process has two steps. Informal application is done via a letter of interest (LOI) to

You will be informed whether your project fits into our funding scheme and if so, sent a link to our Grant Management online Application form.

Note that the project leader must have a contract of employment with the lead host institution/organisation at least for the time of the project period. Project lead salary and overheads/admin costs are not eligible. All research projects submitted have to be hypothesis driven and meet at least one of the EB-ResNet's research priorities. EB-ResNet does not fund any service provision (i.e. clinical testing) costs.

For applications from research consortia involving industry, but led by an academic partner, additional side-agreements may be required. Please also note our terms & conditions including revenue sharing before submitting any application.

Contact for Ad-hoc grants

Portraitfoto von Gaston Sendin

Gaston Sendin, PhD

Head of Research
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