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About EB Resnet

Joining forces to find a cure and therapies for EB

EB Resnet is a network of EB patient organisations funding EB research and partnering to drive its translation to clinical benefit.

The network aims to provide EB research information for scientists, clinicians, patients, and industry. All these stakeholders have to work closely together to achieve our overall objective: finding a cure and therapies for people living with Epidermolysis Bullosa.

EB Resnet manages the funding of promising EB research projects worldwide on behalf of its members. It's portfolio inlcudes fundamental research up to preclinical and clinical trials. Research on Epidermolysis Bullosa has been going on since the 1980s and much has been achieved. The task now is even more challenging, as the focus is shifting to clinical translation. Join EB Resnet, apply for funds, and share your experiences to build a partnership for clinical translation.

EB Resnet members and its partners work together to fight against EB. Their common goal: a life without EB.

Learn about our goals

Several national DEBRA groups and other EB patient organisations are the starting point. EB Resnet aims to grow.

EB Resnet members & partners

EB Resnet was initiated by DEBRA Austria, which has more than 10 years of experience in funding international EB research projects.

Who manages EB Resnet?

Find EB Resnet's annual acitivity reports here.

Annual Reports

Donate to EB research, join our network, join the EB Expert Panel, assist in grant management, and collaborate with us.

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