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The EB Expert Panel

The Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel (MSAP) was built up by DEBRA International. Its members are senior EB researchers and clinicians who jointly reflect the breadth of EB research. Some of its members now form the so-called EB Expert Panel - a pool of senior EB experts. This acts as guardian of scientific quality and relevance to people with EB. Research funded by EB-ResNet members is reviewed by this panel which is central to maintaining our reputation as a research funder among the academic and clinical research community, bioindustry, and research sponsors and donors.

EB Expert Panel AP call 2019

The panel has an advisory role in relation to EB-ResNet member organisations which support research, but has no executive role in any of EB-ResNet's members. All members of the EB Expert Panel work according to EB-ResNets terms of reference.

Whenever a special call is launched, or in case of for special project applications, additional experts are invited to join the EB Expert Panel.

Grouppicture EB Expert Panel
Prof. Eli Sprecher (IL), Prof. John Marshall (UK), Prof. Veli-Matti Kähäri (FIN), Prof. Thomas Magin (GER), Prof. Cristina Has (GER), Prof. Adrian Heagerty (UK), Prof. Carien Niessen (GER), Prof. Fernando Larcher (E), Prof. Jemma Mellerio (UK), Prof. Guerrino Meneguzzi (F), Prof. Jouni Uitto (USA), Prof. Jo-David Fine (USA)

Current members 

  • Prof. Adrian Heagerty (UK), Acting Chair 
  • Prof. Thomas Magin (Germany), 
  • Prof. Jo-David Fine (USA), Deputy Chari
  • Prof. Cristina Has (Germany)
  • Prof. Veli-Matti Kähäri (Finland)
  • Prof. Fernando Larcher (Spain)
  • Prof. John Marshall (UK)
  • Prof. Fulvio Mavilio (France)
  • Prof. Jemma Mellerio (UK)
  • Prof. Guerrino Meneguzzi (France)
  • Prof. Carien Niessen (Germany)
  • Prof. Lydia Sorokin (Germany)
  • Prof. Eli Sprecher (Israel)
  • Prof. Jouni Uitto (USA)
  • Prof. Giovanna Zambruno (Italy)

last updated: 2019

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