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Approved treatments for inherited EB

EB Resnet provides an overview of the approved treatment options for EB.

Please note that some therapies have only been approved in the USA or in the EU. The overview is primarily intended to help EB patients and their families to be up to date with treatment options. 

There are other drugs and therapies being evaluated in clinical trials. Please have a look on the Clinical Trials Database to inform yourself about ongoing trials.

Current overview

Filsuvez®, developed by Chiesi (former Amryt) is a topical gel for the treatment of partial thickness wounds related to dystrophic (DEB) and junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa (JEB). Approved by: EMA (2022) & FDA (2023)

Learn more about Filsuvez® Gel

VYJUVEK® (beremagene geperpavec-svdt) (VYEJOO-VEK), developed by Krystal Biotech, is the first approved treatment to address the genetic cause of dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (DEB). Approved by: FDA (2023)

Learn more about VYJUVEK® Gel
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