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Join, assist, donate, contact the network

Support us

There are several ways to support EB Resnet's activities

  • Join the network as a funding member: assist EB Resnet in managing and funding the grant schemes.
  • Join the network as a ordinary member: share your national research projects and provide small research funding for EB Resnet funding channels and profit from peer-reviewing process provided by EB Resnet.
  • Join the network as a partner: share your research knowledge on EB, your EB projects and/or profit on EB patients' access. Mainly for researchers, research institutions, and industry partners like: EB House, EB Clinet and Grant Tracker are partners.
  • Join the network as a strategic partner: to help driving research outcomes into clinical application for patient benefit.
  • Join the Industry Partnering Panel - IPP.
  • Donate to increase funds for EB research.

If you are interested in supporting EB Resnet please contact 

Becoming a member or a partner

Graphic explaining benefits being member or partner of EB-ResNet
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