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Application & funding

How to apply for a grant

EB Resnet manages several funding schemes on behalf of its member organisations. For all funding schemes, the application process and subsequent management of grants is facilitated by the use of online grant management software called 'Grant Tracker'. 

  • For Research grants the application process starts directly via Grant Tracker: Please access via the Research grants section.
  • For both Ad-hoc grants and Industry projects please get in touch with EB Resnet by sending a general enquiry (letter of interest - LOI) for EB Resnet to determine eligibility before you are provided with a Grant Tracker registration link.

Requirements for an application & eligibility

We fund individual research projects for inherited Epidermolysis Bullosa (research for EB acquisita is not eligible) without any geographical restrictions. The project leader must have a contract of employment with the lead host institution/organisation at least for the time of the project period. Project lead salary and overheads/admin costs are not eligible. All research projects submitted have to be hypothesis driven and meet at least one of the EB Resnet's research priorities. EB Resnet does not fund any service provision (i.e. clinical testing) costs.

For applications from research consortia involving industry, but led by an academic partner, additional side-agreements may be required. Please also note our terms & conditions including revenue sharing before submitting any application.

The online application process and subsequent peer review are subject to strict conditions of confidentiality. Following final approval of funding and the issue of contracts, limited details of funded projects will be published on the EB Resnet website and may be published in EB community newsletters; unsuccessful applications remain confidential. 

Applications must be submitted through our online grants system. Paper copies do not need to be sent. In their own interest, applicants should provide the information required in the application form fully and clearly, completing each section of the form. Forms completed incorrectly will not be considered.

All applicants must complete a detailed application that asks for:

  • Details of the research team/clinical team (PI needs confirmed employment and salary guaranteed for at least the duration of project)
  • The background to the research
  • The aims and objectives of the project
  • What hypothesis is to be tested, methodology used, and contingency plans
  • Gantt chart showing milestones and timing of expenditure
  • The value of the proposed research to people with EB
  • The requested budget
  • A 'lay' summary of the project written for patients and non-scientists
  • IP access required for the project, anticipated IP creation and translational potential

This is how your Proposed Investigation should be formally structured

Selection of high-quality research proposals

All applications that fulfil the eligibility criteria will be scientifically reviewed. Research proposals undergo external EB expert peer-review and evaluation by EB Resnet’s EB Expert Panel (EBEP which is mainly the DEBRA International  Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel- MSAP), a group of senior international EB clinicians and researchers. This process ensures strategic relevance to people with EB and quality control of funded research. The peer-review process is used to identify fundable research, as well as to provide feedback to applicants to help refine research scope and methodology of proposals.

Subject to funding availability, allocation of funds will recognise an equal prioritisation of the research areas, while adhering to the core principle of funding the best research, identified by the Expert Panel as meeting the criteria of scientific quality, feasibility and patient benefit.

Feedback is provided to all applicants. However, only the rejected applicants who are invited to resubmit a revised application have the opportunity for rebuttal. This will be clearly stated in the feedback to applicants.

Contact for Grant Applications

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Gaston Sendin, PhD

Head of Research
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