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EB Resnet's terms & conditions

EB Resnet has its own terms & conditions (T&C) for funding including IP and revenue-sharing policy.

In the case of a funding recommendation these terms & conditions are subject to negotiation. The version provided below is based on Austrian law and serves as an example when DEBRA Austria acts as Grantor. If your are uncertain about any aspect, please do not hesitate to contact EB Resnet via

Main topics covered in T&C:

  1. Grant administration
  2. Relocation of the principal investigator
  3. Equipment
  4. Employment
  5. Research practice
  6. Reporting & publicity
  7. Confidential information
  8. Audit
  9. Conflict of interest
  10. Sharing of results
  11. Results and commercial exploitation 
  12. Liability limitation and indemnification
  13. Variation of terms and termination
  14. Governing law, jurisdiction and compliance 
  15. Acceptance of the grant

Appendix 1: Revenue sharing policy 

Appendix 2: Personal data protection & processing policy 

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