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EB child talking to an EB doctor.

To reach the clinical stage and beyond

Translating research success into clinical benefit

EB is a rare and diverse group of conditions, with some subtypes classified as very rare. Nevertheless, rapid expansion of knowledge of EB over the past decade creates diverse opportunities for novel products, therapies, and diagnostics. 

EB Resnet has been established to coordinate research-active EB patient organisations and industry to bring effective, safe, life-changing treatments to EB patients. Four decades of research funding by EB Resnet members and partners have created the disease knowledge base and clinical networks necessary to de-risk investment in clinical trials and market development.

Find out what a possible therapy for EB might look like.

Clinical development

What therapeutic approaches are currently being pursued?

Therapy Approaches

Learn more about clinical trials

About clinical trials

Find out more about EB clinical trials.

More about clinical trials

Get an overview about current treatments and drugs approved for EB.

More about approved treatments

No clinical trials without patients. How to include patients and their needs as early as possible, to reach clinical endpoints?

How to access EB patients

Find out how EB Resnet or national groups can cooperate with industry or academic partners.

Partner with EB Resnet
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