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EB research

Why do we need research in Epidermolysis Bullosa?

Research is the key to better treatments. It will make step-change improvements to quality of life for people living with EB.  

Prior to 1980, there was minimal research, and even less knowledge of EB in the medical community:  people born with this rare genetic disorder were  unable to access effective care advice. Patient organisations like DEBRA started funding fundamental EB research in the 1980s, building knowledge of EB. Much progress has been made, and technologies in development include topical and systemic drug and protein therapies through to stem-cell and gene therapies, for all EB types.

As yet, there are still no cures for EB.

Classification and characteristics of EB types and subtypes.

More about EB

Find out what it means to live with EB.

Living with EB

Find out what is known and the remaining challenges of EB research.

More about EB research

Find out about EB-ResNet's research strategy and priorities.

Our research strategy

A summary of important research news.

Current EB research news

Important EB research conferences and EB-related events worldwide.

More about conferences
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