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Translational research needs industry

Industry co-funding 

One of EB Resnet's main strategic aims is to establish partnerships to develop and deliver treatments for people living with EB. Fortunately more clinical trials than ever are being registered. In order to bring them to EB patients, partnership is needed.

EB Resnet welcomes inquiries about the eligibility of industry proposals partnering with academic partners from biopharma and health-technology companies relating to preclinical research and clinical trials. Various forms of funding from co-funding to research grants with defined ROI terms, may be considered. While bespoke terms may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, the principles of our terms and conditions of funding, progress reporting,  and forms of revenue sharing will apply. 

Project scope 'Industry co-funding'

  • Translational research and treatment development for EB
  • Project is in late preclinical to clinical stage
  • Lead applicant: academic partner
  • Co-applicant: industry partner
  • Project duration: no limitations
  • Funding: up to EUR 250,000.00

 Application process

Like the application process for Ad-hoc grants, the application process has two steps. Informal application is done via a letter of interest (LOI) to

You will be informed whether your project fits into our funding scheme and if so, sent a link to our Grant Management online Application form.

General information: application and funding process

Knowledge exchange and partnership

Active partnership with industry is needed more than ever to push the development of treatment forward. This can be achieved not only via direct industry co-funding but also via knowledge-sharing. We are convinced that the involvement of patients and patient organisations at a very early stage in translational research is crucial. We can provide you knowledge abeout EB and patients' perspectives and needs, and help optimise clinical trial design right from the start.

More details about industry partnering

Contact Industry co-funding

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Head of Research
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