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Pipette and red liquide in EB lab

No new therapy without a clinical trial

Clinical trials

At present, no effective therapies exist for any form of EB. Although the current number of EB clinical trials being undertaken is still small, the diversity of therapeutic approaches in preclinical development and entering clinical trials is growing rapidly.

In 2006, there was one pilot clinical trial for a gene therapy in one patient – the first time there was proof that the underlying genetic fault in one type of EB could be corrected. Today, there are tens of clinical trials underway or planned, for all types of EB, using many different approaches to therapy, including cell-, gene-, protein- and drug therapies.

Clinical trials registers

There are several official clinical trial websites providing information on EB clinical trials worldwide. These include information about location, clinical lead, and trial sponsor, as well as the trial purpose, how the outcomes will be measured, and inclusion/exclusion criteria. 

Links to registers

Industry Partners

These companies are currently running clinical phase 3 trials for EB. Click on their logos to get more information.

Graph clinical trials development in EB 200-2019
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