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Laboratory situation: a researcher in the background and colourful pipettes in the foreground

All Priorities Call 2021

This year's AP Call is launched by DEBRA Austria and supported by DEBRA International.

Application process

This is a one-stage process of application and opened on 7 June 2021.



The submission deadline for applications was 13 September 2021 at 15:00 GMT. 

  • Research proposals must be submitted via our online system.
  • If you are experiencing any technical problems or your query can not be answered based on the information provided by the system, please contact
  • Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions before completing an application form.
  • If you are applying for an extension (one year maximum) to an existing EB-ResNet/DEBRA research grant, please contact us.

Review process

  • Research Proposals will be reviewed by external reviewers and members of EB-ResNet's EB Expert Panel (EBEP)/Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel (MSAP) in December 2021
  • Recommendations for funding made by EBEP/MSAP at a grant review meeting will then be considered by EB-ResNet members' Boards of Trustees.
  • Subject to funding availability, allocation of funds will recognise equal prioritisation of the research areas, while adhering to the core principle of funding the best research, identified by EBEP/MSAP as meeting the criteria of scientific quality, feasibility, and patient benefit.
  • The final funding decision will be at the discretion of EB-ResNet members. It is anticipated that funding decisions will be made in January and February 2022 (date TBC).

Current research priorities

  • Improving understanding of EB biology to create new concepts for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Developing disease-modifying and curative therapies.
  • Preventing and curing severe disease consequences: chronic wounds, fibrosis, and cancer.
  • Improving clinical care and symptom relief through research.


  • One of the defined priority research areas.
  • Between 6 months and 3 years' duration.
  • It is expected that funding requests would not exceed EUR 90,000.00 per annum; however, funding in excess of these amounts may be allowed if considered by EB-ResNet members to be adequately justified in the grant application, and subject to funding availability.
  • Currency may be USD, EUR or GBP; contracts will be issued in USD, EUR or GBP for a binding amount.


  • EB-ResNet members welcome proposals for co-funding with other organisations, including government, academia, industry or other charities.
  • We will not, however, fund generic technology development costs not closely related to a specific EB therapeutic approach.
  • If in doubt about whether your application would be eligible, please contact Dr. Gaston Sendin,, before submitting a full application.

Submission closed on 13 September 2021.

Please register only once and use the same email address for future submissions. If you are experiencing any technical problems or your query is not answered in the information provided in the online system, please contact

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