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All Priorities Call 2021

This year's AP Call is launched by DEBRA Austria and supported by DEBRA International.

Application process

This is a one-stage process of application and will open on 7 June 2021.



The submission deadline for applications is 13 September 2021 at 15:00 GMT. 

  • Research proposals must be submitted via our online system.
  • If you are experiencing any technical problems or your query can not be answered based on the information provided by the system, please contact
  • Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions before completing an application form.
  • If you are applying for an extension (one year maximum) to an existing EB-ResNet/DEBRA research grant, please contact us.

Review process

  • Research Proposals will be reviewed by external reviewers and members of EB-ResNet's EB Expert Panel (EBEP)/Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel (MSAP) in December 2021
  • Recommendations for funding made by EBEP/MSAP at a grant review meeting will then be considered by EB-ResNet members' Boards of Trustees.
  • Subject to funding availability, allocation of funds will recognise equal prioritisation of the research areas, while adhering to the core principle of funding the best research, identified by EBEP/MSAP as meeting the criteria of scientific quality, feasibility, and patient benefit.
  • The final funding decision will be at the discretion of EB-ResNet members. It is anticipated that funding decisions will be made in January and February 2022 (date TBC).

Current research priorities

  • Improving understanding of EB biology to create new concepts for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Developing disease-modifying and curative therapies.
  • Preventing and curing severe disease consequences: chronic wounds, fibrosis, and cancer.
  • Improving clinical care and symptom relief through research.


  • One of the defined priority research areas.
  • Between 6 months and 3 years' duration.
  • It is expected that funding requests would not exceed EUR 90,000.00 per annum; however, funding in excess of these amounts may be allowed if considered by EB-ResNet members to be adequately justified in the grant application, and subject to funding availability.
  • Currency may be USD, EUR or GBP; contracts will be issued in USD, EUR or GBP for a binding amount.


  • EB-ResNet members welcome proposals for co-funding with other organisations, including government, academia, industry or other charities.
  • We will not, however, fund generic technology development costs not closely related to a specific EB therapeutic approach.
  • If in doubt about whether your application would be eligible, please contact Dr. Gaston Sendin,, before submitting a full application.

Submissions are open from 7 June 2021.

Apply for a grant

If you are experiencing any technical problems or your query is not answered in the information provided in the online system, please contact

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