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Special Call 2023: CIF and Therapeutics Repurposing 2023

underwritten by EB Resnet member DEBRA Austria and LifeArc

Special Call - CIF and Therapeutics Repurposing 2023

EB Resnet anticipates holding a Special Call opening for proposals in late June 2023. The funding round will be organized in a two-stage application process, with an EOI submission in the summer and submission of the invited full application in autumn/winter 2023.


This Special Call 2023 will focus on developing therapeutic interventions in the aberrant wound-healing pathway in EB that leads from acute to chronic wound, and progression to chronic inflammation, fibrosis, and a permissive environment for cancer initiation (CIF). The call will be organized and co-funded with our strategic partner LifeArc. Building on the previous CIF call in 2018, we are now looking specifically for focused R&D projects to develop therapeutics targeting CIF in EB. We will scope the call in discussion with experts in  CIF and drug development, and EB clinicians, to identify candidate treatments that might be repurposed, as well as to consider additional novel druggable disease targets for EB. Identifying drugs already marketed for other conditions, including from other inflammatory and/or fibrotic conditions, may enable more rapid development of novel treatments for EB, in collaboration with partners including industry.


Application process

This is will be a two-stage process of application and opens end of June 2023 (exact date to be announced).



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