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Carer takes the bandaged hands of an EB patient

Special Call 2023: Repurposing therapies for EB

underwritten by EB Resnet member DEBRA Austria and LifeArc

About the call - EOI & Full Submission CLOSED

LifeArc and DEBRA Austria are partnering to commit £2.5 million to fund projects to develop therapeutics with a clear rationale for use in any type of Epidermolysis Bullosa, noting CIF (chronic inflammation, fibrosis) and cancer initiation as priority areas. This joint initiative is part of LifeArc’s Translational Challenge in Rare Disease and follows a joint workshop organised on 26th May 2023.

This Special call will seek innovative proposals to develop therapeutics for severe unmet needs that can be brought rapidly to EB patients. Chronic inflammation and non-healing wounds, and the consequent fibrosis and skin cancer initiation in severe disease subtypes, are a clear unmet need for people with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). LifeArc and DEBRA Austria are holding a joint call for projects to progress therapeutics that can be repurposed / repositioned towards clinical testing, to deliver: 

  • Increased resolution of non-healing wounds
  • Prevention and/or reduction of chronic inflammation
  • Inhibition and/or reduction of fibrosis
  • Decreased risk of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) initiation in EB

The funding round will be organized in a two-stage application process, with an EOI submission in the summer.



Application step


Call for EOI opens

in the week of 10 July 2023

Deadline for EOI submission

10 September 2023 - CLOSED

Shortlisted EOI applicants invited to submit full applications; call for full applications opens

04 October 2023

Deadline for full application submission

04 December 2023

Funding decision, and successful applicants notified of outcome

By 1 May 2024

Project start

By 01 July 2024

All details, EOI application template & guidance document for submission are provided on  LifeArc's website.

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