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UPDATE available! DEBRA International booklet on Covid

Covid-19 Booklet for EB patients and their families

COVID-19 pandemic has created extraordinary challenges across all aspects of healthcare. The current outbreak had lead to a lot of uncertainty also from families with children and adults living with EB.

DEBRA International released an information booklet on COVID-19 for the worlwide EB Community. The booklet, which is currently available in English, Spanish, and French can be downloaded below.

Please try every reasonable measure to ensure the safety of all persons but especially of EB patients and the EB community worldwide as many of them are the most vulnerable ones.

We will get through this – but only if we work together.

New versions (09-2021) online on DEBRA International's website.

New information addresses:

  • the use of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen adenovirus vector vaccine
  • booster vaccines
  • administering COVID-19 vaccines to the paediatric population
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