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EB Concensus Meeting 2019

Results of EB Consensus Meeting 2019 published

The results of the last consensus conference 2019 were published beginning of 2020. The meeting took place in April 2019 in London and was funded by DEBRA UK, DEBRA Austria and DEBRA Ireland.


Several new genes and clinical subtypes have been indentified since the publication in 2014 of the report of the last international consensus meeting on Epidermolysis bullosa (EB). The main objective of  the meeting in 2019 was to reclassify disorders with skin fragility, with the main focus on EB, based on new clinical and molecular data. In this latest consensus report, the concept of genetic disorders with skin fragility, of which classical EB representes the prototype, was introduced. Other disorders with skin fragility, where blisters are a minor part of the clinical picture or are not seen because skin cleavage is very superficial, are classified as separate categories. These include peeling skin disorders, erosive disorders, hyperkeratotic disorders, and connective tissue disorders with skin fragility. Because of the common manifastation of skin fragility, these ‘EB-related’ disorders should be considered under the EB umbrella in terms of medical and socioeconomic provision of care. The proposed classification scheme should be of value both to clinicians and researchers, emphasizing both clinical and genetic features of EB.*

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* C. Has, et al: Consensus reclassification of inherited epidermolysis bullosa and other disorders with skin fragility. British Journal of Dermatology 2020 

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