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Hope for EB patients with white skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma - SCC)

Rigosertib: EB cancer clinical trial

The first patient has been dosed with Rigosertib as a treatment against SCCs in a phase 2 trial. The open-label study is evaluating Rigosertib’s anti-tumor activity among RDEB patients with this cancer who have not responded to standard of care, as well as the medication’s safety and tolerability within this population.

The first patient (out of 12 patients) is a 24-year-old woman at the EB House Austria. The drug, which acts as an enzyme inhibitor attacking cancer cells but not healthy cells, is administered in infusion. For eight weeks, the patient will receive four infusions, followed by nine infusions at intervals of four weeks.

The study is being conducted jointly with the American Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia and Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital in London and is funded by EB Resnet member DEBRA UK.

The aggressive course and poor prognosis of skin cancer in our patients emphasize the urgent need for potent therapies,” said Johann W. Bauer, MD, and the trial’s principal investigator.

The study is expected to finish in mid-2023.

Details about the funded projcet 'First in EB Phase II trial of Rigosertib for RDEB SCC' 

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