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Covid-19 Pandemic: AP call 2020 stays open as planned

The current ‘all-priorities’ call for research grants remains open as scheduled.  The grant application system via Grant Tracker remains active and we are looking forward to receiving further applications by the submission deadline of 6. April. The usual peer-review process will take place thereafter. We anticipate that evaluation by EB Expert Panel (MSAP) will happen as previously planned on 29th June, but owing  to the current Covid-19 pandemic the meeting will be held instead as a virtual meeting. 

We all know that the return to ‘business as usual’ is unpredictable and we do not know yet how long this crisis will last. We would aim to communicate with all applicants whose projects are recommended for funding as soon as possible following the MSAP meeting. We anticipate entering into discussion with successful applicants, as well as the  DEBRAs and EB-ResNet members committed to supporting the call, to consider what is feasible from both sides in terms of funding and timing of grants. There are many unknowns about the impacts of the pandemic on all of us, as individuals and organisations. We will keep all applicants updated if any changes i.e. project start dates, or funding are needed.

More details about the call

We look forward to receiving further proposals for this call. If you encounter any problems please do not hesitate to contact us via 

For all existing grant holders of any DEBRA / EB-ResNet research grants: we will soon provide information about how to continue your EB research projects during or after Covid-19 crisis.

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